Long Code SMS Service in India


Our web based control panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place. It is easy to use control panel with user-friendly UI Necessary information is available on the panel i.e. sender’s mobile number, message, date and time of the message. For every keyword and sub keywords, you can manage your reply message. Real-time reports downloading in Excel format is available with the panel. Long Code Service used for send and receive voice calls, voting, SMS messages etc.

Did you know that out of the 7.8 billion people who inhabit the Earth, about 6.1 billion use mobile phones? Those figures may not mean anything but a fun fact to a common man but for an enterprising entrepreneur the numbers spell out a huge market for mobile marketing. Long codes are one of the most effective and latest tools used by smart marketers for enhancing their companies’ revenue. Long code is nothing but a 10 digit virtual phone number which can be used to communicate and connect with customers.

Long code sms service are used in different ways:

  • Voting: You can get viewers to call or vote on a particular number with the help of a virtual phone number or long code.
  • Community Chats: Long codes can be used for creating fan clubs, chat rooms etc for subscribers
    Media sectors
  • Examination Results Announcement: Subscribers can call or text on the long code provided to know examination results
  • Information on Demand: Subscribers can call on the long code provided to gather any information they require.