Free Excel Plug-in


Marketing a product or service has moved from television and internet to SMS. This is simply because sending as well as reading SMS is a much easier task and has proved to be more effective method of marketing. Today, we come across many SMS marketing companies that offer software to send advertisement to the targeted customer. Most of them are web based software for which you require to login to their website, choose the numbers and send desired message. There is a simplified process to all this.

Send Bulk SMS from Excel Sheet

Our SMS excel software with free excel plug-in will make your task even easier. Now all you got to do for marketing your product or service is to carry the excel file that has the targeting contact numbers. You can just send bulk SMS from excel file itself. However, you just need to have internet connection for the same.

Our free SMS software integrates into your excel so that you have this option of logging into your account and send the SMS. You can keep track of the delivery of message etc from bulk SMS excel file. Now doesn’t that make your life easy? Just download your free bulk SMS software today and start marketing.

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